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Headshot of Cai n Jo founder and creative director, Cody Bond

Cody Bond

London, UK •



Cai & jo is a small, independent brand dedicated to creating uniquely beautiful home décor and lifestyle products. Based in London, every cai & jo piece is designed by founder Cody Bond, a self-taught artist and designer whose distinctive aesthetic draws inspiration from the textures, colours and shapes of the natural world.


Artist Q&A

Q: We were first introduced to your work while shopping at Purre Boutique in Costa Mesa. Where else can we find your products on our shores, especially in California?

A: I love that you found my brand in a shop near you! We actually have quite a lot of stockists in California, and you can see a map of them to find your closest one here: 

Q: You have done collaborations with Urban Outfitters, what was that like? Besides us, what would be your dream collaboration?

A: I've absolutely loved working with Urban Outfitters, it was a dream come true and really helped take my business to the next level! I'm not really sure I have a dream collaboration though, I just love working with companies that have a great idea and vision.

Q: We absolutely love your vintage/boho style and all the colors you choose. Where does your style and inspiration come from?

A: Thank you so much! I get a lot of inspiration from growing up in Cyprus, the landscapes, colours and the heat all have a big part in my work. Otherwise inspiration just comes from everywhere, I might see a colour combination on someone's outfit, or a cool looking tree that inspires me to make a piece!

Q: Have you ever been to California or Los Angeles? If yes, what are your favorite places to visit? If no, where do you want to visit?

A: I've never been to California but I would love to one day, I think the landscapes of the north coast look incredible!

Q: Are you from a family of artists? Does anyone in your family play sports as a hobby?

A: Nobody in my family is a professional artist, but my parents are both talented creatively. My mum actually makes amazing mosaics so I get a lot of my creativity from her. None of us are really into playing sports but my brother is a good diver!

Q: Throughout our process of collaborating together, we witnessed the opening of your beautiful showroom in London, right in the middle of Covid. Is your shop open to the public now, and how’s it going for you?

A: We don't actually have a shop, but we do have a little display area in the new studio! I absolutely love the space, it really couldn't be more perfect for us :)

Q: We see you have nicely expanded your product line to include housewares such as blankets and pillows. Where do you see the business going over the next few years?

A: That's right, the new product line has been in the works for such a long time and it was amazing to finally release the new products. I do hope to continue expanding the product line a bit more over the next few years as well as grow the team. I find it a bit difficult to make concrete goals or plans as you really never know what will happen next, but I like it that way!

Q: How do you balance between running a business and continuing to create art?

A: I actually make it part of my workday to create art when I can, and I also enjoy drawing and painting on the weekends sometimes. Before I hired my first full-time employee it was much more difficult to find the time, but now I do try to incorporate creativity into work a few times a week at least.

Q: We know you're not a tennis player, but do you have any interest in playing or have you ever played on a grass court?

A: I've never played on a grass court but I did play tennis a little in high school, although I was never very good!

Q: Favorite British Band? American Band?

A: Hard question! At the moment I'm loving Glass Animals from the UK and Parquet Courts from the US, but I don't think I could name my all-time faves.