Our Love for Tennis Warehouse

Our Love for Tennis Warehouse

Our favorite slogan, "You miss 100% of the aces you don't serve", rings true for this blog.  When we were first starting out, I took a serve in the dark and sent a LinkedIn email to Tennis Warehouse founder and CEO, Drew Munster.  

I told him what a big fan I am of Tennis Warehouse and how I'd love to establish a relationship with them.  Unlike 99% of my "blind emails" which go unresponded to, Drew actually wrote me back. He told me he thinks our stuff is cool and he will pass along our info to the apparel buying team.

Fast forward two-plus years, our relationship with Tennis Warehouse has flourished. TW carries over 25 of our products and continues to order from us. Our page can be found here: www.tennis-warehouse.com/Ace_The_Moon/catpage-ATM.html

We were also just featured on Tennis Warehouse's own podcast, The Talk Tennis Podcast, hosted by the amazing Michelle Heidbrink.  Click here to watch the full episode:  https://youtu.be/RZ6rPTiknFQ or watch the video below.

Lastly, we were featured on Tennis Warehouse Small Business highlights here:  https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Learning_Center/Gear_Guides/tennis_apparel/small-business-highlight.html