Our Picks for Best Tennis & Pickleball Hats for Women- 2023

Our Picks for Best Tennis & Pickleball Hats for Women- 2023

We love our hats over here at Ace the Moon HQ. Most of the hats we have brought out into the universe so far have been trucker hats, which are lightweight and made of foam, with mesh backing. Trucker hats can serve multiple purposes, from style to comfort, and can definitely be worn both on and off the courts.  

If you are playing in extreme heat, or for long periods of time, we'd say you may want to go with more of a performance, sweat wicking material.  

We'll be introducing some really great performance hats very soon, as well as bucket hats and visors.  In the meantime, we polled some of our inner circle, and asked them what their go-to hats are for the tennis and pickleball courts.  Here's what they had to say: 

Our co-Founder, Deena, loves the Women's Fast & Free Running Hat by LuluLemon .  These hats are classic, simple and so lightweight that you don't feel anything on your head.  

Chloe, our social media coordinator and awesome college tennis player prefers the Nike Men's Feather Adjustable Hat as well as the Lacoste Roland Garros 2023 Tennis Cap.   Similar to Deena, Chloe loves these hats because they are lightweight and made of super soft material. They fit her head seamlessly.  

Ace the Moon brand ambassador and avid tennis player, Valerie Andrus has a couple of faves.  

Our dear tennis friend and long time LA tennis coach, Lisa Filpi, likes to wear baseball caps that are in a "dad hat" shape.  She loves these style hats because they not only protect her face, but a lot of the designs on her hats have special meanings, and give her a mental lift.  

The most awesome, Valerie Andrus of Tennis City Guide gave us her thoughts on hats for both on and off the court.  Here is what she told us: 

I love a good trucker, and Ace the Moon has the best fit and designs in the tennis world. I live in them, whether I'm on the court, on the beach, or just living life.
If I'm playing serious tennis, I like a more sport specific hat like the Nike Court Aerobill. The brim is a little more rounded and keeps the sun out of my eyes. 
Across the board, I like a high crown hat. You know, the large forehead issue 🙂
So, the cactus hats that Restless has is sort of like a combination of a trucker and athletic hat. It has a cool trucker feel, but in a performance material with venting. I really like them.

We'll be sure to keep you guys posted when we have some of our new hats and headwear ready to go.  In the meantime, and as we get into the summer months, protect your heads and wear a hat!