When we first launched Ace the Moon, we knew we didn't want to just be another clothing brand.  We set out on a mission to build a community around our favorite sports.  So, check out and sign up for one of our upcoming events, and take a look at some of our past events.  If you have an event idea or would like to collaborate on an event, we'd love to hear from you at:




Earth Day Tennis

We are totally stoked to join forces with Wilson and Fortune Tennis for what will be an amazing afternoon of tennis and good vibes in Santa Monica!

Get the full details and buy your tickets here!


A Night of Pickleball with Lox Club

We all know the password is "Pickles", but not everyone knows how to play pickleball yet! We were thrilled to collaborate with the dating app Lox Club for a super fun night of pickleball with LA singles. The event was held at the Santa Monica Pickleball Center. We witnessed some numbers being exchanged and hopefully they will be sharing more than Kaylin + Kaylin pickles together!

ATM x Lox Club  Large.jpeg__PID:dc14de1e-894f-4423-a558-15f7dec83759

Eastside VS Westside

Our first tennis tournament was a success! We partnered with long time LA tennis coach, Lisa Filpi, with the idea of bringing eastsiders and westsiders together.  Our city is so sprawling that we become creatures of habit, territorial, both on and off the courts. 

We partnered with amazing companies like Solinco, Alfalfa and The Racket Doctor.  Tennis podcasters, The Ball Boys, brought the fun with some of their own Q& A games.  We are already looking forward to our 2nd tourney.      

East Social  Large.jpeg__PID:33752121-6356-474b-b0d9-1045f327a74b

Calvary Church Holiday Festival

This was our second year as a vendor at The Calvary Church School's annual holiday fair.  Tennis and pickleball are more popular than ever up in the Pacific Palisades and it's always great to showcase our gear amongst this upscale and local crowd. 

Cal 1  Medium.jpeg__PID:0c6b3018-4c10-47e8-970f-ceb2cfd7fc05

Camp Santa Monica

We love Camp! Camp Los Angeles is an amazing fitness concept on Lincoln Road, in the heart of Santa Monica.  They have been so gracious to invite us to their annual Holiday Market.

Camp 1  Medium.jpeg__PID:58dde33b-1690-4c43-9b65-ba4808a02fbf
Camp 2  Medium.jpeg__PID:16901c43-db65-4a48-88a0-2fbf3f2a05d8

Madewell Pop-up Shop

Madewell continues to be supportive of small local businesses around LA. We are so grateful for them to have us come showcase our products each season.

Made 2  Large.jpeg__PID:4561d1df-76d2-49da-bac4-355ecf84f7f5
Made 1  Large.jpeg__PID:7d4561d1-df76-42b9-9aba-c4355ecf84f7
Made 1  Large.jpeg__PID:7d4561d1-df76-42b9-9aba-c4355ecf84f7
Made 1  Large.jpeg__PID:7d4561d1-df76-42b9-9aba-c4355ecf84f7
Made 6  Large.jpeg__PID:df76d2b9-daba-4435-9ecf-84f7f53ea3b3
Made 8  Large.jpeg__PID:76d2b9da-bac4-455e-8f84-f7f53ea3b3cb
Made 8  Large.jpeg__PID:76d2b9da-bac4-455e-8f84-f7f53ea3b3cb

Racket Doctor

The Racket Doctor is the preeminent Los Angeles destination for all things tennis. We've been a part of four events within the shop, and continue to build our tennis friendship.

RD 2  Medium.jpeg__PID:be760abc-d63d-4d22-b1aa-7b8811b3d10c
RD 1  Medium.jpeg__PID:b6be760a-bcd6-4dcd-a2b1-aa7b8811b3d1

2023 San Diego Open

Fresh off the US Open fun, we headed down to San Diego to be a part of the Cymbiotika San Diego Open, a WTA 500 event. We were thrilled to showcase our line of product to the SoCal tennis community. Our sweatshirts in particular were a fan favorite during the chilly nights! 

SD 2  Large.jpeg__PID:981d6b41-b3bf-4900-a71d-a8b078a8c0fc
SD 1  Large.jpeg__PID:ddc0b4ff-0639-484c-94bd-02b6dcc75650
SD 3  Large.jpeg__PID:26e55708-993b-4d7e-bde1-706c15223742

Toluca Lake Tennis & Fitness Club

Toluca Lake Tennis & Fitness Club has been a great tennis friend of ours since the beginning. The Club, nestled in the valley of the Hollywood Hills, is rich in LA tennis history. Our products are showcased within their Pro Shop and we have participated in two club events and hopefully many more to come. 

TL 1  Medium.jpeg__PID:4eb0b6fe-e057-4d9f-8c36-637631aea517

Round Robin at
Vermont Canyon

Our first collaboration with LA tennis coach, Lisa Filpi. We had a beautiful day on the courts with some of the most enthusiastic tennis player on the East Side. One of our favorite artists, Charlie Hoesley, designed these super-fun animal-themed tees and hats for the occasion. 

VT Tennis 1 .webp__PID:68b186a1-7e2e-47df-9b80-4acc48190737
VT 2  Medium.jpeg__PID:af8b0421-ed43-4ab8-9771-d1bfe6ad395e