Top 5 Best Forehands on ATP and WTA Tours- By Orun Altintas

Top 5 Best Forehands on ATP and WTA Tours- By Orun Altintas

Welcome to my first Ace the Moon blog! My name is Orun, and I am a tennis professional based in Northern California. 

For my first Ace the Moon blog contribution, I wanted to write about the best forehands on both the ATP and the WTA Tours. 

The forehand is expected to be the number one weapon for tennis players, but there are several professional players who stand out amongst the rest, in my opinion, take it to the next level. 

Let’s go through my picks.

1) Rafael Nadal

With his signature “buggy whip” forehand, the “king of clay” creates an immense amount of topspin on his forehand. Combined with the bounce on a clay court, Rafa’s opponents often have a hard time hitting the ball at the optimal contact point. The 22-time Grand Slam champion’s inside-out forehand is a scary weapon, too!  

2) Carlos Alcaraz


Often called “the next Rafa,” Carlos Alcaraz has already proven to be one of the most aggressive players the tennis world has seen. At 20-years young, and with his intense power, Carlos swings his opponents side to side, creating opportunities for not only tons of winners off his forehand, but drop shots and volleys. 


3) Iga Świątek

This four-time Grand Slam champion, at just 22 years old, has been dominating the tour. Iga’s famous, 37-match win streak in 2022, has made her climb up the rankings ladder and has made her a superstar. With a compact forehand swing accompanied by high RPM on the ball, her game is fast-paced, and becomes an obstacle for many players. It doesn’t hurt that she is a fellow Tecnifibre user! 

4) Jennifer Brady 

Currently taking a hiatus from the WTA Tour to focus on her coaching career at UCLA, Brady has always struck me as a phenomenal forehand-hitter. Known for the high RPM on her forehand, she made it into the semi-final of the US Open in 2020, followed by her appearance at the 2021 Australian Open Final. Some have compared her forehand to that of Rafa, noting the similarity in the power and spin. Brady has a larger takeback on her forehand side compared to most other WTA players, efficiently and effectively adding power to her wicked game.

5) Andrey Rublev

Known for hitting tennis balls as if he is mad at them, Rublev hits a massive forehand. Despite hitting the ball so hard, he manages to keep the ball in play by hitting it early. It’s quite challenging to observe it unless you pause the TV as he is about to swing his racket. You will see that he likes to hit the ball on the rise, making it harder for his opponents to maintain the rhythm. 

Who else do you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below!