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Lydia Manter

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Lydia Manter is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Maui, Hawaii. Having been born and raised on the coast of Maine, her childhood was spent in the ocean by summer and in the mountains by winter. Her upbringing gave her a grand appreciation for simple living and a lifestyle connected and surrounded by the natural world. Her work is a blend of art and design and reflects her love of natural places and living by the sea.


Artist Q&A

Q: When we first linked up, you mentioned that our concept intrigued you...that while you were growing up in Maine, your dad ran a tennis club. Our initial reaction was, “this is beshert”, a yiddish word that means Destiny. That is pretty f@*ckin awesome. Can you tell us more...maybe tell us everything! (i.e. Where was it, name of club? Still there? Did he teach as well? Did you play (or want you to play?) Did any of your siblings play (if you have siblings).

A: I grew up playing tennis. My dad was an avid player himself and passed down his love of the sport to my sister and I. He also coached tennis and has worked in the tennis industry a very long time. He has owned a tennis club called Maine Pines Racquet and Fitness in Brunswick, Maine for the past 20 or more years where I grew up playing and spending a lot of time at. I really appreciate his camaraderie and bringing something to his community there that really brings people together over the love of the sport.

Q: Did your experience being around tennis as a child influence you in surfing? Do you see any parallels between surfing and tennis?

A: Maybe in some ways playing tennis has influenced surfing in my life. I think having years of practicing tennis under my belt and progressing gradually translates to surfing really well. It takes a while to get the hang of both and takes both patience and a lot of effort to be decent.

Q: We still haven’t made it out to Hawaii (on the top of our list). What is the tennis scene like in Hawaii? Have you played at all since you’ve lived there? If so, what are you wearing on the courts?

A:There are some great courts here and as well as a lot of courts that could use some TLC! There is accessibility to tennis in most places around the island where it’s easy to rent a court or take use of community courts as well. My husband and I really enjoy the courts that are in upcountry Kula.

Q:Do you have any female tennis players, past or present that you admire?

A:I used to really admire the Williams sisters and still do. I don’t follow the grand slams too much now, but so I am a bit out of the loop on a lot of new female players so I’m falling back on my past tennis idols haha.

Q:We know about your passions for surfing and art. Any other passions/hobbies?

A: I grew up snowboarding, so I have a pretty big passion for that sport as well. My husband and I are also getting a bit into farming now so we are exploring all new passions and territory with that!

Q: Give us a glimpse of your artistic process…Is there a certain time of day that you like to ideate and create? How often are you thinking about your next creation or do they just sort of come to you organically. Ever have any thoughts underwater, in those moments after you get pummeled by a wave?:)

A:I definitely get ideas at random times and have to write them down so I remember. I work best in the early mornings and that’s my ideal time to get creative and get working. Once I am later in the day my internal body clock sort of wants to do other things besides sit down and focus! Haha. I think ideas sort of have to come organically, it’s hard to produce something that I like ifit’s forced or without a solid idea behind the design. I definitely have to roughly draw out a design to get a feel for it and then go more in depth from there.

Q:What are you listening to these days?

A:I've been listening to a lot of Lake Street Dive lately! They’re a band I first saw live sort of at random and had never heard of before and absolutely loved their style and sound. They've been a favorite of mine the past couple of years!