Our Mission

We are rooted in tennis. Inspired by life. It's our mission to build a human connection around sports, art, music and life.

About Us

About Us

“Ace the Moon” is all about just going for things, and the notion that we miss 100% of the aces we don’t serve. After coming off the past couple of years, we want to spend our days doing something fun, to build a brand that shows our personalities and meshes with both our creative and business sides.

There are so many parallels between our favorite sports and every day life. Tennis, much like life itself, will throw you a combination of winners, unforced errors, lobs, dropshots and just about anything in between. We know that we play our best tennis, and are at our best both personally and professionally, when we are just having fun, staying relaxed and being in the moment. In a time where it often seems difficult to make and build genuine connections, we hope that some of the fun and unique products and stories we bring out to the world can help bring people together. 

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