Get Me to the Courts Stat Tote Bag


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This super fun, retro pattern is brought to us by our friend and artist, Hollis Callas.  The inspo for this design came from all those pickleball lines on the tennis courts.  Did you know you can fit 4 pickleball courts within a tennis court?  Now you do! 

These totes are perfect for hitting up the farmers market, gym and the courts.  


  • 100% cotton canvas
  • Measurements: 16" Height X 15' Wide

About the artist: 

Hollis Callas

San Francisco, CA •

Hollis Callas is a designer and illustrator living and working in San Francisco, California. When she's not designing or drawing, you can find her somewhere outside, smelling the flowers or spending time with her one-eyed Labrador, Mamut.

Artist Q&A

Q: You have so many varied styles and designs, are there collections that you prefer to work on?

A: I love projects that bring ideas to life in delightful ways- whether it is a pattern collection, an art print or wallpaper for a bathroom, I really enjoy it all and don't play favorites!

Q:Are there colors you prefer?

A:My relationship with color is constantly evolving. I am deeply drawn to muted colors and earthtones but recently have been exploring brighter hues that I have encountered in nature. I always find that the palette earth provides is the absolute best.

Q:Working with Ace the Moon is your first time working in the sports genre?

A: It's not my first time working in the genre but definitely one of my favorite projects! I also work closely with my husband and his outdoor company, Outdoor Goyo, which inspires and prepares people to get outside and try new activities. I grew up playing soccer and my father is a retired Cross Country coach so being active has always been a part of my life. I love having the opportunity to use my art to inspire people to get out and move their bodies.

Q:What made it interesting for you and what if any challenges did you have?

A:Well, I didn’t know about pickle ball before working with you guys! I didn’t know that a pickle ball court could fit into a tennis court. I also had no idea that tennis courts could be so beautiful! You all shared some examples of some really wonderful courts in cool locations that seem like they would be so fun to play at.

Q: You love to be in the outdoors and among nature, if you could be a professional athlete, what sport would you play?

A: Hm…interesting question! Could yoga be considered a professional sport? I would be very into that!

Q:You love to be in the outdoors and among nature, if you could be a professional athlete, what sport would you play?

A:Hm…interesting question! Could yoga be considered a professional sport? I would be very into that!

Q:Besides us, who would be your dream collaboration?

A: You guys really were a dream to work with! Besides y'all, I would love to get my patterns on clothing and products from some of my favorite sustainable brands like Patagonia and Christy Dawn.

Q: When you are in a creative rut, where do you find inspiration?

A:I find that going on a walk and stepping away from my computer always inspires me. The San Francisco streets are always full of intriguing details that get my wheels turning. From the intricate molding on the doorways, to the pops of color on each unique house, to the ever blooming succulent gardens- this city never ceases to inspire.

Q: What is your dog’s name and where did it come from?

A:My lovely black Labrador’s name is Mamut. It means Mammoth in Spanish. My husband and I lived in Spain for a few years and we came up with the name there before we even had her. We knew we wanted a big dog so we figured giving her a grand name like Mamut would ensure she would live up to our dreams of having a large pooch- she definitely did!

Q:We know you are originally from Atlanta and now living in San Francisco. So, west coast or east coast, or both?

A:Oh gosh- such a hard question! I miss the people and culture of the South, but the nature and weather of the west is incredible. I guess I would have to say there are great things about both. I feel lucky to have called them both home.



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