A Day in the Life of LA Tennis Coach, Lisa Filpi

A Day in the Life of LA Tennis Coach, Lisa Filpi

One of the best things about Ace the Moon for me, is getting ingrained in the local tennis community, and getting to know some really great tennis coaches in Los Angeles.  Lisa Filpi and I connected pretty early on in Ace the Moon's journey.  She was organizing a tennis retreat to La Quinta Resort & Club, and came to me with wanting to design some custom apparel and swag for her tennis students. 

As we rolled up our sleeves and developed a game plan, I knew right away the kind of person I was dealing with...a person who's highly intelligent, detail oriented, truly genuine, and passionate about teaching tennis.  

We designed some really great hats and tees for Lisa's retreat that evoked a cool desert-like vibe, and they were a big hit amongst Lisa's players.  Since, Lisa and I have collaborated on hosting a round robin tournament at Vermont Canyon Tennis this past month, and Ace the Moon was fortunate enough to custom design tees and hats for the event. 

I sat with Lisa and her adorable Golden Retriever, Sandy. Here are some highlights of our conversation: 

Josh: When and how did you get into tennis teaching? 

Lisa: Oh boy, it started years ago at the age of 16 when I became a Junior Counselor at what was then the Adidas Tennis Camps, now Nike Tennis Camps in Lake Tahoe, CA.

Josh: What do you love the most about teaching? 

Lisa: Watching how "my players" grow and develop in the sport and in life.

Josh: How would you describe your style of coaching? 

Lisa: A client of mine the other day said, "Lisa, you're always teaching us something but never hitting us over the head with it."  So maybe that's it?

Josh: Where can people find you? 

Lisa: In the mornings I work off the Riverside Drive courts in the Los Feliz area and in the afternoons you can find me at the Vermont Canyon courts in Griffith Park.  This location is the inspiration for our latest merch!

Here is my website and Instagram as well. 

Josh: Do you get into pro tennis and who are your favorite players on the tour? 

Lisa: Yes I do to a certain degree.  Right now I'm a big fan of Sabalenka, Svitolina and Medvedev when he's not whining.  Also Frances Tiafoe, Jannick Sinner and most Italians are favorites:)

Josh: Who is your all time fave tennis player and why? 

Lisa: Bjon Borg - style, class & grace... says it all.

Josh: Will you be hosting any more events or retreats in the near future? 

Lisa: Definitely!  I'm hosting another retreat at the La Quinta Resort and Spa in the Fall and more events at the Vermont Canyon courts to come.

Thanks so much Josh for your collaboration, contribution to the Tennis world and this interview!


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