Where to Play Pickleball in Los Angeles?

Where to Play Pickleball in Los Angeles?

Have you guys heard of pickleball? It’s hard not to these days. 

Pickleball is a cross between tennis, badminton, and ping pong. It was invented back in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, Washington by 3 vacationers.

Fast forward to today, pickleball is now the fastest-growing sport in America. Some are predicting we’ll see 40 million players by 2030, twice the size of tennis. Once considered a quirky game, it’s now going mainstream. 

Courts are popping up all over the country, with many cities and towns unable to keep pace with the sport’s popularity.This leaves many players asking the same question… where can I play pickleball? 

Today we’ll showcase 6 of the best places to play pickleball in the City of Angels. We’ll cover LA’s top neighborhoods, how to reserve a court, and perhaps the best part , where to grab a bite or drink after your game. 

Memorial Park Pickleball

  • Neighborhood: Santa Monica
  • Number of Courts:
  • Public: 16

Memorial Park, located in Santa Monica, is one the best bets for LA’s west-side community. There are 4 tennis courts that have been lined for pickleball. Each tennis court can hold 4 pickleball courts (2 on each side), so you can play on 16 total pickleball courts. 

These are not dedicated courts, meaning you’ll have to bring your own portable pickleball net to play. But don’t worry, you can buy one easily on Amazon. The park is free to play at but is often reserved for tennis lessons or clinics so be sure to check in advance.  To note- if you don't have your own net, the friendly folks at Memorial will let you play and drop-in.  

Après Pickle: Grab a craft beer at Santa Monica Brew Works just around the corner or sit down for some of the west side’s best Italian food at Milo + Olive

El Segundo Parks & Recreation 

  • Neighborhood: El Segundo
  • Number of Courts: 4
  • Public, a one-time fee required

South bay residents can enjoy one of the city’s best pickleball facilities here in El Segundo. This recreation center features 4 outdoor courts. And the best part? They are dedicated to pickleball – no need to bring your own net or draw your own lines. 

The courts are public but reservations are strongly encouraged. Resident and non-resident reservation fees apply. 

El Segundo Parks & Rec Reservation Information 

For after: Grab a cold beer and a few slices of pizza at The Slice & Pint, run by the local El Segundo Brewing Company. Or grab a drink at Rock & Brews, the LA classic founded by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS.

Venice Beach Paddle Tennis & Pickleball Courts

  • Neighborhood: Venice
  • Number of Courts: 3 (allowed for pickleball)
  • Public

These courts are iconic as they come. Located right on the famous Venice Beach boardwalk, it’s always a scene down here, complete with locals, tourists, and lots of competitive paddle action. 

The courts are known for paddle tennis, but pickleball open play happens every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 am to 12 pm. Check courts 7, 10 & 11. Given the explosion of the sport, it’s no surprise local players have been pushing for more pickleball time. 

Après: Grab a tasty burger at The Window nearby, or head over to the Gjusta Bakery for amazingly fresh baked goods, sandwiches and salads. 

 La Cienega Tennis Center

  • Neighborhood: Beverly Hills
  • Number of Courts: 8
  • Membership required

Managed by the City of Beverly Hills, this facility is one of the best bets for pickleball if you’re in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, or Mid-City. Originally a tennis center with 16 lighted courts, eight pickleball courts have since been added with lines on two tennis courts. You’ll also find nice amenities like showers, locker rooms and a pro shop.

Facility registration and court reservations are required to play. Portable nets are provided with your reservation.

La Cienega Tennis Center Reservation Information

Après PickleGrab a beer at All Season Brewing or brunch at Toast Bakery Cafe

Plummer Park

  • Neighborhood: West Hollywood
  • Number of Courts: 8
  • Membership required

The pickleball scene has exploded in West Hollywood, and Plummer Park is the place to play. It features 5 outdoor pickleball courts – 1 dedicated and 4 sets of lines painted on two tennis courts. Plummer Park also has a popular open-play program where you can show up and play all night by rotating courts and partners. 

The courts require an $8/hour reservation fee, but free play is available for certain courts and times throughout the week. 

Plummer Park Reservation Information

Après Pickle: Have a delicious salad or sandwich at the Fresh Corn Grill or hit the iconic Pink’s Hot Dogs just a few blocks of the courts. 

Allendale Park

  • Neighborhood: Pasadena
  • Number of Courts: 4
  • Public

East-siders, you’re in luck. The pickleball scene has also made its way across town and Allendale Park in Pasadena is one of the top places to play pickleball.

Allendale Park features 4 outdoor dedicated pickleball courts, no need to bring your own net. The courts are free to play at and require no reservation. They work off a rotating queue system to accommodate all players. 

Après Pickle: Grab appetizers at The George, newly opened on Washington Blvd, or a craft cocktail at the Magnolia House

You can now add pickleball alongside biking, surfing, hiking, and all the wonderful outdoor activities to do in Los Angeles. It’s easy to learn, it’s social and most of all – fun!

If you haven't picked up a pickleball paddle yet… What are you waiting for?

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See you on the courts!About the Author: Brandon Mackie is the co-founder of Pickleheads™, a platform that helps players find courts, organize sessions, and connect with nearby players. Once a competitive tennis player, Brandon can be found these days honing his dinks on pickleball courts near Venice Beach, California.